Go To Work Fitness brings you the worlds first ever fitness variety show as host Evan Francis leads you through a healthy living lifestyle through out the San Francisco Bay Area!

No Gym Needed

Watch as Evan shows you first hand how to get in shape using exercises you can do right at home without needing a gym.

Weight Training

Whether you're trying to bulk up, cut down, or just stay lean and toned, Evan has you covered with his expert weight exercises.

Simple and Easy Recipes

Healthy living doesn't just mean exercising it's also about putting good clean food into your body to keep it running right. But eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or expensive, as Evan has you covered with his tried and true recipies that are easy to do and taste great.

Healthy Eating Out

It can be hard to eat healthy when on the go. Luckily Evan has scoured the Bay Area to find the best restaurants for eating healthy or ejoying a cheat day.


From interviews with athletes, artists, and performers to community events throughout the Bay Area. Healthy living is more than just dieting and exercising, it's a lifestyle and GTW Fitness is all about showcasing every aspect of that lifestyle through these specials.

Season 1

Go back to where it all started with the first season of Go To Work Fitness. We Visit the Noodle House and Smokes Poutinerie, Evan shows you how to make a triple chocolate protein shake and watermelon lemonade, and we teach you all about cardio with the Marina Workout.

Season 2

Bigger, Badder and Broadcasting from the Go To Work Fitness Performance Center Mark I, Evan returns with more workouts that you can do at home and introduces you to some simple and easy meals, juices, and protein shakes to complete the healthy living lifestyle.

Season 3

More exercises, more recipies, more restaurants, and more surprises. Go To Work Fitness returns with an explosive third season.

Season 4

Just when you though we were done, GTW is back with our most ambitious season yet. Athlete interviews, Community events, workouts, recipes, and more surprises in this crazy season.

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